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NBHM '16

Boston Parade 2014

2012 Annual DInner

Scholarships 2011

Family Picnic 2010

Half Marathon 2010

Flag Raising 2010

Golf Tournament & Scholarship Awards - 2010

Each year the Friendly Sons award thousands of dollars of Scholarships to college bound New Bedford area students.

Boston Parade 2009


The Catalpa rescue was the escape, in 1876, of six Irish Fenian prisoners from what was then the British penal colony of Western Australia.

Boston Parade 2008

Boston Parade 2007

Irish Monument - Dedication - June 24 2005

The lives and contributions of the Irish in the City of New Bedford are marked by the imposing and symbolic monument of a Celtic Cross by the water’s edge at the mouth of the New Bedford Harbor. The monument, dedicated on 24 June 2005, is designed and located quite intentionally. Although a Celtic stone cross predates Christianity, this particular memorial represents our deeply-seated faith and beliefs that root our culture and our hearts while the symbolism and pictorials intrinsic to the Cross, itself, represents the history of the Irish people in this City and within the Friendly Sons. The symbolism extends also to the location of this monument. It’s placement at the water’s edge signifies the emotional, cultural and economic journeys our fore-bearers took as they arrived on these shores as well as the livelihood many enjoyed as they plied their trade on these very waters.

Boston Parade 2005

Boston Parade 2004

Family Picnic 2003

Each year the Friendly Sons host a Family Picnic (usually in July) - it\'s held at White\'s Campground in New Bedford\'s north-end. It\'s a fun family time with music, good food, swimming and games for the kids and more!

Portuguese Feast Parade 2003

Members of the Friendly Sons march annually in the Feast of the Blessed Sacrament Parade in New Bedford. These photos were taken in 2003.