About Us – Overview


To educate and to preserve the history of the pioneers of our Country and the part that the people of Irish descent have contributed to the development of the United States, Canada and Ireland. To sponsor and preserve cultural, charitable and social service programs. To sponsor and assist in the education of persons without concern for their national origin by providing financial and other assistance based upon merit ~ From the Constitution of the Friendly Sons of Saint Patrick


The Friendly Sons of Saint Patrick grew out of the Robert Emmet Club. The latter club was formed in 1941 and founded in the name of the Irish patriot who was hanged for treason in 1803. Emmet was the leader of an ill-fated rising against British rule in Ireland. The Robert Emmet Club was established primarily as a social gathering place to bring together men who shared pride in a common heritage. In 1955 the name of the club was changed by consensus to its present form, the Friendly Sons of Saint Patrick of New Bedford, with an incorporated constitution and bylaws. The Friendly Sons held their first function in March 1956; a dinner dance in honor of the feast of Saint Patrick. Today, while the Saint Patrick’s Day dinner dance remains a centerpiece of the annual social calendar of the association, the club hosts many functions and charitable events throughout the year. Members gather monthly, except during the summer months, to conduct the business of the club in accordance with its stated objectives. The club does not maintain its own dedicated premises for these meetings at this time.

Irish Monument

The lives and the contributions of the Irish to the City of New Bedford are celebrated by an imposing and symbolic monument in the form of a Celtic cross by the water’s edge at the mouth of New Bedford harbor. The monument, dedicated on 24 June 2005, was designed and is located quite intentionally. Although the form of the Celtic cross predates the arrival of Christianity in Ireland in about 432 a.d. this particular memorial is designed to represent the deeply-seated faith and beliefs that anchor the culture and emotions of the Irish. The symbols and pictorial panels on the monument commemorate the historical contributions of Irish and Irish-American people to the Greater New Bedford area and among the Friendly Sons. The symbolism extends also to the location of the monument at the water’s edge. Its placement recognizes the emotional, cultural and economic odyssey of those who gave up their homes to seek a new and better life on the shores of North America. It celebrates the livelihood and success many achieved as they plied their trade locally and often even on these very waters.

Past Presidents

1941-42   Atty. Joseph C. Duggan * 1942-43   Atty. Joseph C. Duggan 1943-44   Daniel J. Sullivan 1944-45   Thomas A. Murphy 1945-46   Joseph Walsh 1946-47   Patrick J. Muldoon 1947-48   Joseph Walsh 1948-49   Patrick J. Moore 1949-50   Harold E. Hunt 1950-51   Harold E. Hunt 1951-52   Patrick J. Moore 1952-53   Patrick J. Moore 1953-54   Patrick J. Moore 1954-55   Joseph T. McCawley 1955-56   Joseph T. McCawley ** 1956-57   Patrick J. Moore 1957-58   Harold E. Hunt 1958-59   Oliver Fitzgerald 1959-60   Oliver Fitzgerald 1960-61   Edward L. Manley, Jr. 1961-62   Edward L. Manley, Jr. 1962-63   Thomas Quinn 1963-64   Thomas Quinn 1964-65   Thomas Quinn 1965-66   Thomas Quinn 1966-67   Atty. Joseph C. Duggan 1967-68   Atty. Joseph C. Duggan 1968-69   James Henry 1969-70   Patrick E. Coyne 1970-71   Robert E. O’Grady 1971-72   Robert E. O’Grady 1972-73   Robert E. O’Grady 1973-74   Robert E. O’Grady 1974-75   Albert Porter 1975-76   Oliver Fitzgerald *** 1976-77   Francis E. Harrington 1977-78   Francis E. Harrington 1978-79   J. Mark Treadup 1979-80   Paul P. Swain 1980-81   Paul P. Swain 1981-82   John E. Macedo 1982-83   Ronald J. Walsh 1983-84   Frederick J. Toomey 1984-85   Frederick J. Toomey 1985-86   William O’Brien 1986-87   William O’Brien 1987-88   Thomas P. Walsh 1988-89   Thomas P. Walsh 1989-90   Clement E. Daley 1990-91   Clement E. Daley 1991-92   Richard T. Molleo 1992-93   Richard T. Molleo 1993-94   James E. Sullivan, Jr. 1994-95   James E. Sullivan, Jr. 1995-96   Richard T. Molleo 1996-97   Richard T. Molleo 1997-98   James F. Costa 1998-99   Mark P. Sullivan 1999-00   Mark P. Sullivan 2000-01   David A. Duggan 2001-02   David A. Duggan 2002-03   Michael G. Sullivan 2003-04   Michael G. Sullivan 2004-05   Steven A. Beauregard 2005-06   Steven A. Beauregard 2006-07   Sean Toomey 2007-08   Sean Toomey 2008-09   Christopher Donnelly 2009-10   Christopher Donnelly 2010-11   Christopher Donnelly 2011-12   Paul T. Meagher 2012-13   Paul T. Meagher 2013-14   Timothy W. Murray 2014-15   Timothy W. Murray 2015-16   Brian J. Kirby 2016-17   Brian J. Kirby *     Robert Emmet Club founded **    Friendly Sons of Saint Patrick founded ***   Friendly Sons of Saint Patrick incorporated